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There are 'Supergroups', and there are super groups. Purposeful Porpoise is the latter. In a digital age where flagging recording budgets typically mean bands no longer head into the studio together for live recording sessions, its now the norm for a band to record a album without ever being in the same room at the same time. But that’s not how Purposeful Porpoise does things.

Purposeful Porpoise founder and lead guitarist/vocalist/composer Alex Cora envisioned something different for this Los Angeles based progressive rock concept band. With influences ranging from Genesis and Frank Zappa to Jeff Beck and Joni Mitchell, Purposeful Porpoise’s 2 disc debut ‘The Water Games’ was recorded live in the studio with some of the best musicians in the world jamming and creating music, resulting in a live, organic feel that can only be created when artists play together live.

Purposeful Porpoise was conceived as a three-album project telling the saga of 'Jeux D'eau' (Water Games). Featuring an 'all star' line up of legendary drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting/Frank Zappa), keyboardist Derek Sherinian(Dream Theater/Yngwie Malmsteen), bassist Ric Fierabracci (Chick Corea/Dave Weckl) and violinist Ginny Luke(Meatloaf/Dave Matthews) ‘The Water Games’ is a fully evolved, melodic masterpiece full of adventure, ambition and awe-inspiring musicianship.

“For me, music is a living, organic thing. I really wanted to create something that was a return to the great, British prog rock of the 70’s,” says Cora. “I really wanted there to be a real jam and a vibe. You can’t get that by emailing tracks around. We recorded for 3 days at Ocean Studios Burbank – with all of us there jamming. I think you can definitely hear that on the record.”

‘The Water Games’ is available now in the GEP store.

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