Damanek - Making Shore Double Vinyl

Damanek - Making Shore Double Vinyl

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Following their critically acclaimed second album ‘In Flight’, Damanek are set to release their third album ‘Making Shore’ on beautiful blue vinyl as a double album.

Track Listing:

Side 1:

1. A Mountain of Sky

2. Back2Back

3. Noon Day Candles

Side 2:

4. Americana

5. In Deep Blue (Seas songs Pt.1)

6. Reflections On Copper

7. Crown of Thorns (Sea songs Pt.2)

Side 3:

8. Self Composed

9. Oculus

a) Overture

b) Act I - Spot The Difference?

Side 4:

c)Act II - The Corridor

d) Act III - Passive Ghost

e) Act IV - A Welcoming Hand